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About PLN

Over the past decades, PLN keeps strengthening machining capabilities and introducing new machine tools and QC equipment to expand product range to tight tolerances parts, high complexity parts, hard-cutting material parts and bigger bar size material parts, providing a full range of manufacturing services to meet customers’ needs and combining with a standard of professionalism and quality to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

PLN is a team of skilled crews with long years of experiences with low turnover rates. Our team of CNC machinists and quality insurance strives to deliver works precisely and works closely with customers’ engineering team, from blueprint brainstorming, prototyping to mass production realizing, to produce high quality but cost-effective components. Our team of sales and customer service delivers quality products on time and offers immediate issue fixing ability.

PLN provides not only CNC machining, but also a whole package of process solutions such as aluminum extrusions solutions, heat treatment, plating, grinding, sandblasting, laser engraving to meet all kinds of customers’ needs.

Besides manufacturing, PLN focuses specifically on quality assurance,
we have established and applied ISO 9001:2015 QMS (certified by TÜV SÜD),
carrying out strict IPQC and integrally providing traceable quality records
from raw materials incomes to final products inspections.


We are not the biggest workshop in the industry,
but our quality has built up our reputation as
one of the best suppliers of biggest customers in the industry.

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